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Jacksonville, Florida, a Premier Destination in North East Florida

Jacksonville Florida is an outstanding destination to visit or call home. With incredible shopping, championship golf & and an down home way of life.

About Jacksonville

Jacksonville, the largest city in area in the continental United States, is a rapidly growing metropolitan city in Northeast Florida, with approximately 850,000 residents. Under its strong mayor form of government, residents elect a mayor and a 19-member City Council, with five at-large members and 14 members elected by district.

Life in Jacksonville

Jacksonville has a different demographic than much of urban Florida. There is not a large hispanic population like Miami,Orlando,Tampa etc. There is a large military population stationed at the U.S. Naval Air Base. The beach is wide and they have totally redeveloped the whole area. Winters are chilly at times but can be refreshing. The job market is, thank god, not tourist oriented like the rest of Florida. Housing costs are cheaper than the rest of urban Florida and you can find a new home for under 100K and be 15 minutes from downtown in a decent area. To live here is to have the best kept secret in Florida.


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